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Top Health Benefits Of Cucumber

Top Health Benefits Of Cucumber
    Cucumber (cucumis sativus) it is among the family of watermelon, summer squash and pumpkin. Cucumber is grown in many parts of the world but originated in Asia countries, especially Southern Asia. The greenish skin coloured vegetables plays an important role when you want to be physically fit and healthy. Cucumber contains about 95% water, can be used to hydrate the body, after walking under hot weather. There are different forms of eating cucumbers, by slicing into salad, eat it whole as a snack and juice it with other vegetables like carrots. Cucumber is rich in nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus,iron,zinc vitamin C, Niacin, vitamin K, riboflavin, and vitamin B6,low sodium, fat, calorie.

The health benefits of cucumber include :low cholesterol, prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, hydrate the body, healthy bone, maintains the hair, good for eye, help maintain weight, maintains digestive system, and management of diabetics. 

Cucumber is filled to the brim when it comes to important nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C,k,iron and other natural compounds like carotenoids, flavonoids. Every single increase of cholesterol in the body has either negative or positive effect, it has on the body. Your choice of food influences it greatly. Cucumber helps decrease total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein(bad cholesterol), triglycerides and increase high density lipoprotein(good cholesterol),these are associated with the presence of flavonoids, and carotenoids. Studies conducted with extracted dried seeds of cucumber shows that it helps reduce high cholesterol. 

Taking 1 or 2 cups of cucumber daily helps protect you from being infected with chronic disease such as cancer. Cancer is  one of the life threatening diseases in the world. It comes in different form and types which includes lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer,etc. Cucumber, contains vitamin C, carotene,and flavonoids ,which help inhibit carcinogens and free radicals that can cause  cancer,as well as boost your immunity.

Cucumbers are very delicious, plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy heart. They are loaded with potassium and magnesium, which assist in regulating blood pressure. Lignin,found in cucumber, which can be called anti inflammatory element can help increase your immune system and decrease chances of getting disease associated to cardiovascular disease,like heart attack, stroke. 

During hot whether, we lose much water, if there is no water intake one is prone to dehydration, which come with different symptoms such as headache,dry mouth lethargy,constipation darker urine color. Dry mouth is visibly seen on the mouth of the individual. Cucumber is known for its high water content and electrolytes, which help in hydrating the body as well as maintaining proper functioning of the body. 
Eat cucumber, stay healthy. 

Cucumbers is an excellent source of vitamin C. It help your skin to develop new skin cells. This is  because of vitamin C, which enhances synthesis of collagen. Regular consumption of cucumber will not only promote healthy skin but keeps you younger. It also protect the skin from dryness, acne, skin irritation. 

Cucumber helps maintain proper function of the insulin. By reducing excess absorption of sugar in the blood. Studies have found it effective against diabetes. Taking it frequently  can help decrease oxidative stress. 

Cucumber contains almost 95% of water, which can speed up digestion and prevent constipation, gastritis, ulcer, other related stomach disorders. It also boost bowel movement and hydrate stool. So to optimize your gut,you need to incorporate it into your dietary plan. 

Cucumber is loaded with magnesium, vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin b2,Vitamin K, vitamin B1,vitamin B6,vitamin B5,folic acid and Silicon. Formation of connective tissue that strengthen weakened bones is associated to silica in cucumber. Vitamin K facilitate calcium absorption .

Cucumber can also assist in hair development due to its nutritional content, which are known for boosting the hair and capable of killing some dandruff. 

Cucumber helps maintain the eyes and remove toxic substances that can contribute to cataract, muscular degeneration as well as blindness. Cucumber is packed with vitamin A, and antioxidant. The presence of Vitamin A facilitate effective function of the retinal while antioxidant eliminate fre e radicals which can trigger inflammation in. the eye. Incorporating  portion serving of cucumber in your dietary plan, will make a healthy impact in your eyes. 

Cucumber can help you loss weight faster. As they do not contain fat and even though there is a very little amount of carbohydrate. 


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